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kids voting

Kids Voting USA: This website provides children a chance to vote online.

U.S. Treasury U.S. Treasury: Tours & Treasures, History, About Savings Bonds, Know Your Money, Bond Calculator, Dog of the Month, Bond Wizard,
legislature About Your Legislature: Capital History, Capital Tour, State Symbols, Fun Facts, and More
Department of State Department of State: Kids Page Florida Government, Facts, Symbols, Folklife, Shipwrecks, andMuseums

Social Security Online

Kids' Place

Social Security: Administration Explanation of Social Security, Social Security and Work, SavingMoney through stories
Peace Corps Peace Corps: What is the Peace Corps, How to Make A Difference, Explore theWorld, Food, Friends, and Fun
Department of Justice Department of Justice: Getting involved with crime prevention, Inside the courtroom, Internet Do's and Dont's
FBI FBI: Kids and Youth Educational Page Crime Detections, Crime Prevention, Special Junior AgentProgram, Games
Ag Florida Department of Agriculture: Kids' Page Florida Forests Forever, Planet Ag: Science Fair Projects, PlayFresh Friends, Five-A-Day: kids' Eat Right, Tips on HurricanePreparedness, Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Fairs andLivestock Exhibitions, Florida State Fair, Agri-literacy.
Ben Ben's Guide: U.S. Government for Kids-these pages explain the process for Federal Officials.
Energy U.S. Department of Energy: KidzZoneThese pages offer interactive sections for kids' to learn aboutenergy.
Environmental United States Environmental Protection Agency: Explorer's ClubThis site allows children to learn about the environment and waysto keep it safe for the future.
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Welcome for KidsNASA offers a site geared towards the education of childreninterested in the space program
Whitehouse for KIDS

The Whitehouse for Kids: Location and History of the White House, About Our President, White House kids' and Pets,http://www.whitehouse.gov/kids/

Rock the Vote Rock The Vote: Rock the Vote is a program that has teamed up with MTV and hasgiven young adults the information and outlet to voice their views about the voting process.